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Award Winning PC Watchdog technology by QUANCOM
Free adjustable access intervals ( 2 ms up to 2,3 hours )
4 optically protected inputs ( e.g UPS signal ), Temperature sensor input
24h availability backgroundservices for Windows 2000/NT included
CD contains drivers for Windows 95 / 98 / NT4.x / Windows 2000 and Linux
Supports ATX motherboards without reset switch
Additional changeover relay ( i.e. restarts a modem or router )
5 years warranty
Price: 229,81 USD / 256,81 Euro

The PC Watchdog 3 is a reliable high quality circuit board that automatically resets the PC when its hardware or software malfunctions. The PC Watchdog 3 can use many ways of supervision because of its temperature sensor, 4 opto input channels and 2 switch-over relays. The PC Watchdog board is a short 8-bit ISA card that monitors a PC for hardware / software crashes to ensure maximum system availability. The Watchdog3 only requires that you have an 8-bit ISA slot available and a PC with a reset switch. The reset cable is disconnected from the motherboard and plugged into the watchdog board. A cable is provided to go from the watchdog board to the motherboard. When the PC hangs and the watchdog times out, then it will perform the same as resetting the PC manually.

For Microsoft Windows NT 4.x / 2000, an additional NT service (WDSERV.EXE) is supplied which works as a background process. The WDSERV is an watchdog software addon for machines that require 24 h availability. The WDSERV NT 4.x and Windows 2000 service executes the nescessary accesses on the QUANCOM watchdog in the background. After a system crash the system will be rebooted automatically. The program works totally in the background, so nobody has to be logged on at the machine.

The board ships with utility programs and the QLIB ( QUANCOM Driver Library), and therefore allows an easy programming under various operating systems. To support developers we included a driver installation toolkit for OEM manufacturers or software developers. The sources and executable for the Linux backgound program are included on the CD-Rom. The watchdog timer board is equipped with drivers for the following operation systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.x, Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft 3.11, DOS and Linux ( Kernel 2.0.0 or higher ).