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Developing Watchdog Software
Developing Watchdog Software
Developing Watchdog Software

  Software: Programs 

NT-Service for the PCI Watchdog cards
V 1.01
The WDSERV is a addon for machines that require 24 h availability. The WDSERV NT 4.x and Windows 2000 service executes the nescessary accesses on the watchdog in the background. After a system crash the system will be rebooted automatically. The program works totally in the background, so nobody has to be logged on at the machine. [Download 610,4KB]
Watchdog background program for DOS and Windows 3.1x
V 1.00
TSR background program for DOS 6.x and Windows 3.1x activates, controls the Watchdog board and checks system functions ( i.e. INT 21h ) [Download 5,2KB]

  Software: Driver 

Linux-Software driver for PCI - Watchdog board
V 1.00
Kernel driver for Linux from Kernel 2.2.0. The driver supports the following boards: PWDOG1, PWDOG2 and PWDOG2N. The archive contains the driver, a sample in C language and the program as executable (kernel 2.2.10). [Download 17,1KB]
QLIB-Diagnostic tool for Windows 2000/NT 4.0/98/95
V 1.00
Diagnostic tool for the 32-Bit version of the QLIB [Download 80,7KB]
QLIB for Windows 2000/NT 4.0/98/95
V 1.60
32-Bit-Version of the QLIB (QUANCOM Driver Library) for Windows 2000/NT 4.0 and Windows 98/95 [Download 1,9MB]

  Documentation (PDF) 

Documentation for PWDOG1, PWDOG2N, Watchdog1, Watchdog2
PDF-Dokument [Download 229,2KB]