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QUANCOM Informationssysteme - measuring solutions

In over ten years since its incorporation, QUANCOM Informationssysteme GmbH, has constantly grown to what is now an authority in PC measuring technique solutions. Located near Cologne, we meanwhile have companies all over germany as customers.

As a system house with many years of experience, we work with our customers to gain solutions for all problems of electronical communication, in a team and so individual as our customers. Comprehensive support is very important for us, we do everything for him: the planning and projecting, the development, production, maintenance and adaption as well as the support: an all-in-one solution.
Competence, flexibility and cooperation are very important factors to reach all these requirements as a hardware developer as well as a developer for individual software solutions.

Information can be received by sending an email to vertrieb@quancom.de

or by sending a mail to the following address:

QUANCOM Informationssysteme GmbH
In der Flecht 14
50389 Wesseling

Fon +49 2236 / 8992-20
Fax +49 2236 / 8992-49

If you have technical questions, send them to support@quancom.de

If you have general questions, send them to hotline@quancom.de